fit for emergency medical personnel.

Protection When It Matters Most

Protection When It Matters Most

In moments that demand an urgent medical response, Aurelia® is there to provide simple, dependable gloves that deliver top-quality performance.

Aurelia® Gloves surpass standard glove protection through thoughtful design elements. Emergency medical professionals can rest in knowing that our gloves feature a heavier grade, profile, and thickness barrier for added protection against puncture and abrasion. At Aurelia® we know how important it is to provide superior quality that checks all of the boxes without compromising comfort, fit, and reliable protection. Our gloves do that and more.

Specializing in:

Laboratory Services

Paramedic Services





RobustRobust PLUS


protection. comfort. safety. sensitivity.

We know the features that are important to you and are pleased to offer a wide range of high-quality products that fit your needs perfectly.

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