Glove Science

Appropriate hand protection must meet these four essential criteria:

1) Provide barrier protection; 2) Allow excellent tactile sensitivity; 3) Remain non-reactive when contacting patient or operator tissue; 4) Provide comfort over an extended period of time.

Table A

Tensile StrengthExcellentGood
Tear ResistanceExcellentGood
Puncture ResistanceGoodExcellent
Modulus of MovementExcellentGood
Performance DurabilityExcellentExcellent
Acetaldehyde CHO Functional GroupExcellentGood
Acetic AcidGoodGood
Carbon TetrachlorideFairGood

Table B

ASTM minimum specificationsLatexNitrile
Elongation (unaged)650% min.500% min.
Tensile Strength (unaged)18 MPa min.14 MPa min.
Stress at 500% elongation5.5 MPaN/A
Acceptable Quality Level (AQL)2.52.5

Chemical Chart

ChemicalsAurelia®® LatexAurelia®® Nitrile
Acetic AcidVery GoodVery Good
Ammonim HydroxideVery GoodVery Good
AnilineFairNot Recommended
Butyl AcetateFairNot Recommended
Butyl AlcoholVery GoodVery Good
Carbon DisulfideFairFair
Castor oilNot RecommendedVery Good
ChloronaphthaleneNot RecommendedFair
Chromic Acid (50%)Not RecommendedFair
Citric Acid (10%)Very GoodVery Good
CyclohexanolFairVery Good
Diesel fuelNot RecommendedVery Good
Diisobutyl Ketone (DIBK)FairNot Recommended
Dioctyl PhtalateNot RecommendedVery Good
Epoxy resins, dryVery GoodVery Good
EthanolVery GoodVery Good
Ethyl etherGoodGood
Ethylene glycolVery GoodVery Good
FormaldehydeVery GoodVery Good
Formic AcidVery GoodVery Good
Freon 11Not RecommendedGood
Freon 12Not RecommendedGood
Freon 21Not RecommendedGood
Freon 21Not RecommendedGood
Freon 22Not RecommendedGood
Gasoline, unleadedNot RecommendedVery Good
Gasoline, leadedNot RecommendedVery Good
GlycerineVery GoodVery Good
HexaneNot RecommendedGood
Hydrochloric AcidGoodGood
Hydrofluoric Acid (48%)GoodGood
Hydrogen peroxide (30%)GoodGood
IsooctaneNot RecommendedVery Good
Isopropyl alcoholVery GoodVery Good
KeroseneFairVery Good
KetonesVery GoodNot Recommended
Lacquer thinnersFairNot Recommended
Lactic Acid (85%)Very GoodVery Good
Lauric Acid (36%)FairVery Good
Linoleic AcidNot RecommendedGood
Linseed oilNot RecommendedVery Good
Maleic AcidVery GoodVery Good
Methyl alcohol (Methanol)Very GoodVery Good
Methyl BromideFairFair
Methyl MethacrylateGoodFair
MonoethanolamineGoodVery Good
MorpholineVery GoodGood
Naphthas, AliphaticFairVery Good
Naphthas, AromaticNot RecommendedGood
Nitromethane (95.5%)Not RecommendedFair
Nitropropane (95.5%)Not RecommendedFair
Octyl alcohol (Octanol)Very GoodVery Good
Oleic AcidFairVery Good
Palmitic AcidVery GoodVery Good
Perchloric Acid (60%)FairGood
PerchloroethyleneNot RecommendedGood
Petroleum distillatesNot RecommendedVery Good
Phosphoric AcidGoodVery Good
Potassium HydroxideVery GoodVery Good
Propyl AcetateFairFair
Propyl AlcoholVery GoodVery Good
Sodium HydroxideVery GoodVery Good
StyreneNot RecommendedFair
Styrene (100%)Not RecommendedFair
Sulfuric AcidGoodGood
Tannic Acid (65%)Very GoodVery Good
Toluene DiiscocyanateGoodFair
TriethanolamineGoodVery Good
Tung oilNot RecommendedVery Good
TurpentineFairVery Good