Glove Science

Appropriate hand protection must meet these four essential criteria:

1) Provide barrier protection; 2) Allow excellent tactile sensitivity; 3) Remain non-reactive when contacting patient or operator tissue; 4) Provide comfort over an extended period of time.

Quality Assurance Procedures

inset-dentalThe quality of barrier protection varies by material, and by manufacturer. Some materials, like vinyl, meet federal standards for short Gloves are randomly tested for their dimensional requirements of length, width and thickness and their tensile strength. This is determined by the amount of stretching or pulling that is required to cause a break in the material. The higher the number for tensile strength, the stronger it is. This is closely related to tear resistance, which is a measurement of the length you can stretch material until it breaks. The higher the percentage of tear resistance, the more it can be stretched before breaking. However, it is possible to make a very strong glove but it will be so stiff that the hand fatigues quickly because of the low modulus of movement. The ASTM also requires water leak testing, known as AQL, to find holes or thin spots prone to rupture. If any of these specifications do not meet standard, the gloves are not released to the public.

Storage Conditions

Products should never be stored in an area that exceeds 90°F (32° C), in ultraviolet or intense artificial light, or near chemicals or ozone-generating sources such as electric motors. In addition, petroleum-based hand lotions, creams for dermatitis, and oils quickly degrade most materials and should be avoided. Hand sanitizer must dry completely prior to touching gloves because the alcohol content in the formulation has the same effect.


The manufacturing standards for Aurelia® examination gloves are established by the American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM), after the Food and Drug Administration approved the manufacturing site. The standard testing procedures adhere to ISO 2859-1:1989 regulations for water thickness, tensile strength and dimension. However, the adjoining table demonstrates how Aurelia® gloves go beyond the standard, to premium quality, in all categories.