glove science.

The Science Behind It


Provide barrier protection


Allow excellent tactile sensitivity


Remain non-reactive when contacting patient or operator tissue


Provide comfort over an extended period of time.


The manufacturing standards for Aurelia® examination gloves are established by the American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM) after the Food and Drug Administration approved the manufacturing site. The standard testing procedures adhere to ISO 2859-1:1989 regulations for water thickness, tensile strength, and dimension. However, the adjoining table demonstrates how Aurelia® gloves go beyond the standard, to premium quality, in all categories.

Table A

Properties Latex Nitrile
Elasticity Excellent Good
Tensile Strength Excellent Good
Tear Resistance Excellent Good
Puncture Resistance Good Excellent
Modulus of Movement Excellent Good
Performance Durability Excellent Excellent
Acetaldehyde CHO Functional Group Excellent Good
Acetic Acid Good Good
Acetonitrile Good Fair
Aniline Good Fair
Carbon Tetrachloride Fair Good
DMSO Good Excellent
MEK Excellent Good

Table B

ASTM Minimum Specifications Latex Nitrile
Elongation (unaged) 650% min. 500% min.
Tensile Strength (unaged) 18 MPa min. 14 MPa min.
Stress at 500% elongation 5.5 MPa N/A
Acceptable Quality Level (AQL) 2.5 2.5

Chemical Chart

Chemicals Aurelia® Latex  Aurelia® Nitrile
Nitropropane (95.5%) Not Recommended Fair
Octyl alcohol (Octanol) Very Good Very Good
Oleic Acid Fair Very Good
Palmitic Acid Very Good Very Good

protection. comfort. safety. sensitivity.

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